GIZMON Uyuni Mirror

Create Uyuni Salt Flat like Photos/Videos on your Smartphone

With “Uyuni Mirror” you could take photos and videos similar to those taken at Uyuni salt flat without actually going there.  By placing a mirror in front of your smartphone’s camera lens, the scenery you are trying to capture turns horizontally symmetrical.

Horizontally symmetrical images brings people sense of beauty, sincerity and stability.  It’s up to you how creative you’d like to get!

Create your own Uyuni salt flat like photos at places nearby.


Move the slider and compare.

For it being installed on smartphones, its size is pretty compact.

An acrylic mirror has been employed to make the sky seem even more like a water surface. It is difficult to break compared to glass materials.

Compatible with Many Smartphones

“Uyuni Mirror” is comprised of adjusting screws and a holder. This makes it possible to support many smartphones with different camera positions.

Adjustable in four directions (up and down, sideways)
GIZMON Uyuni Mirror is compatible with larger smartphones such as iPhone Pro Max and Plus.

Portrait, Landscape and Tripod Photography

Using the screws and changing the mirror angle, you could switch from portrait to landscape. Also, the tripod mounting hole supports general tripods.

Parts Name
Rotate the mirror 180 degrees and switch from portrait to landscape.
There are two tripod mounting holes for tripod shooting.

Sample Images

Tips for Shooting

To create a better looking photo, please follow the steps below. Also wipe off any dusts or stains on mirror with the cloth included.

Adjust the center of the mirror so it is centered in the lower bottom of the camera lens.
Adjust the mirror so it is parallel to the ground.
Keep the mirror and lens as close as possible.
Adjust the mirror position so it doesn’t get reflected on the photo.


  • “Uyuni Mirror” does not support the ultra-wide-angle mode photography installed in recent smartphones.
  • “Uyuni Mirror” supports smartphones with width of 10cm or under.
  • “Uyuni Mirror” does NOT support smartphones with side buttons which interfere with the holder.
  • When wiping off dusts on the mirror, use the cloth included or an eyeglass cleaning cloth of your own so it doesn’t damage the mirror.
  • Do not drop or hit against other object.
“Uyuni Mirror” does NOT support smartphones with side buttons which interfere with the holder.


Product NameUyuni Mirror
ComprisesAcrylic mirror, Angle Adjusting Male Thread, Angle Adjusting Female Thread , Arm, Horizontal Angle Adjusting Screw, Holder, Cloth
Compatible DevicesSmartphones with width of 10cm or under, and which side buttons does NOT interfere with holder.
Size(W)150mm × (D)110mm x (H)90mm
Warranty6 months

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