Shoot soratama pictures and video with RICOH WG Series

“soratama 55 for WG” is a soratama kit for RICOH WG-50, WG-40 and WG5GPS including soratama unit, extension tubes, and a step-up ring.

55mm size of soratama lens which doesn’t spoil the compactness of WG series.

Beautiful soratama pictures can be taken easily with “soratama 55 for WG”.

With the extension tubes, you can adjust
the length of the lens tube by 5mm.
Collaboration between GIZMON and ZENJIX

“soratama 55 for WG” was created by GIZMON, which is well known for its products for mobile phones, and ZENJIX, the manufacturer of soratama. “そらたま”,“宙玉” and “ZENJIX” are trademarks registered by Maminka. It has been already registered or has been applied for in Japan, China, USA, etc.

A full-scale structure with high image quality

“soratama 55 for WG” uses ball lens made of optical glasses, and coated glass plates. The metal lens body is matte coated in order to reduce the occurence of flare.

All metal parts are matte coated to reduce the occurence of flare.

Ball lens made of optical glasses, and coated glass plates.
How to apply and use

In order to fix “soratama55 for WG” on to WG-5GPS, “lens adapter O-LA135” is necessary. Use the “Macro Stand O-MS1” which comes together with your camera when fixing on to WG-50 and WG-40.
Adjust the extension tube length to change size of the center ball.
By setting the camera to its ideal photographing mode, the more beautiful soratama pictures can be shot.
NOTE: Using one 10mm extension tube and setting the aspect ratio to 1:1 is recommended.

In order to fix on to WG-5GPS, “RICOH lens adapter O-LA15” is necessary.

Use the “Macro Stand O-MS1” which comes together with your camera when fixing on to WG-50 and WG-40.

By adjusting length of the extension tube, you can change the size of the center ball and its sharpness of the edge.

The shorter you adjust the lens tube, the larger the center ball would become. However, edge of the center ball would become unclear.
Also the longer the lens tube gets, the edge of the center ball would become sharp. However, the four corners would get vignetted.

Select “1cm macro” in the focus mode
What is soratama?

Soratama is a lens filter for digital single lens reflex cameras which provides a special effect to the pictures. The clear ball fixed in front of the lens makes it possible to photograph sceneries in a ball, flowing in the air. It is loved by many photographers these days.

Designer: Zenji Uehara

An experimental photographer. Exploring the wonders of photography by experimenting and releasing equipments such as kaleidoscope camera and Vibration amplifying device. Soratama was created in 2009. It has been made into a product and is loved by many photographers around the world.

  • It is possible to apply this product to cameras with 37mm,46mm diameter filter. However because we haven’t done any tests, please try at your own risk.
  • This product’s depth of field is shallow and the edge of the center ball is likely to be unclear compared to soratama72.
  • This device is a delicate optical equipment. Do not drop or apply an impact.
  • Do not use underwater.
  • Do not get too close to the object when photographing. It will lose focus.
  • When the image gets vignetted, use the zoom function or trim the edge of the image with camera application.
  • The image will come out wrong way round by only using this device.
  • By using editing functions of the camera, 180 degrees turn and trimming process can be done after photographing.
Product GIZMON x ZENJIX soratama 55 for WG
Manufacturing Company GIZMON
What’s Included soratama unit 55mm, step-up ring x2, extension tubes 10mm x2, 5mm x1, puch, manual
Compatible Devices RICOH WG-50, WG-40 and WG-5GPS
Size length 50mm x width 56mm
Weight about 56g
UPC 700598666762
Where to buy
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