GIZMON Miniature Tilt Lens

A Tilt Lens Specialized for Shooting Miniature Dioramas GIZMON Miniature Tilt Lens is a tilt lens specialized for shooting miniature dioramas. It carries a bright single-focus lens with an F1.6 aperture and is able to freely control the “bokeh-tone” in your photography. Being simply constructed, it provides unprecedented user-friendliness. Enjoy tilt photography casually with this GIZMON Miniature Tilt Lens! What is a Tilt Photography? In order to shift the optical axis of the lens and the photosensitive surface of an image sensor, tilt your lens to shoot photos. This is called “Tilt Photography”. It was originally a technique to focus on a wide area but it has become popular among … Continue reading GIZMON Miniature Tilt Lens