GIZMON Miniature Tilt Lens

A Tilt Lens Specialized for Shooting Miniature Dioramas

GIZMON Miniature Tilt Lens is a tilt lens specialized for shooting miniature dioramas. It carries a bright single-focus lens with an F1.6 aperture and is able to freely control the “bokeh-tone” in your photography. Being simply constructed, it provides unprecedented user-friendliness. Enjoy tilt photography casually with this GIZMON Miniature Tilt Lens!

Nikon Z 50
Tiltable with easy operation.
Carries 50mm F1.6 bright lens in order to produce bokeh.
6-elements in 5-groups lens composition
The image on the right is for EOS R mounting. The image on the left is for other mountings.

What is a Tilt Photography?

In order to shift the optical axis of the lens and the photosensitive surface of an image sensor, tilt your lens to shoot photos. This is called “Tilt Photography”.

It was originally a technique to focus on a wide area but it has become popular among recent photographers to shoot miniature diorama-style photos.

Letting bokeh occur intentionally on one side or both left and right or upper and lower half, you could control the bokeh freely.

Adjust the tilt ring and let bokeh occur on both the upper and lower half of the image to make it miniature dioramic style.
Adjust the tilt ring to focus on the objects in both front and back, preventing bokeh to occur.

How to Operate

By loosening the tilt ring, you could change the direction of the lens both vertically and horizontally. Also, you could adjust the bokeh tone by controlling the aperture ring and angle of the lens. Find your best bokeh tone by trying out various adjusting patterns.

Able to tilt up till 15° in all directions.

Miniature Diorama Style Photography

Tilt the lens upward. Set the F-stop to f1.6. Focus on the object by turning the focus ring.

Focusing on Both Front and Back

Tilt the lens downward. Turn the focus ring and focus on the entire image.


Below are the sample video and images taken with GIZMON Miniature Tilt Lens. You could enjoy the general shooting style without tilting.

Sample Video

Sample Images

Tilted upward
Tilted upward
Tilted downward
Without tilt
Without tilt


  • If the product cannot be screwed on properly when fixing onto the camera mount, do not put extra pressure. There are possibilities to damage the mount, camera body, and lens system. Please reach us to the following contact information. Our support team will promptly handle the situation. Contact address: support@gizmon.co.jp
  • Switch on the “release without lens” on your camera setting.
  • Set the shooting mode to A-Mode(Aperture Priority AE) or M-Mode(Manual Exposure).
  • This is an optical equipment. Do not drop or hit against other object.
  • Avoid water or any kind of liquid.
  • Do not touch the lens part directly.
  • It will lose focus when you are too close to an object.


Product NameMiniature Tilt Lens
Lens Construction6 Elements in 5 Groups
Focal LengthSingle Focus f=50mm
Closest Shooting Distance0.5m
FormatAPS, Full Frame
Ranges of aperturesF1.6-22
Aperture Blades14 Blades
Filter Size43mm / 46mm (RF, Nikon Z)
Angle of Tilt15°
Compatible Lens MountsE-Mount , XF-Mount, EOS M-Mount , RF-Mount, Nikon Z-Mount
Dimensions70×60.5mm / 70x68mm (RF, Nikon Z)
Weight180g / 238g (RF, Nikon Z)
Warranty6 Months

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