GIZMON Wtulens L

Forget having it on with ultra-thin design

While inheriting the optical performance of “Wtulens,”  “Wtulens L” has been designed as an ultra-thin pancake lens for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.  For its thin body and lightness, it will make your photography more fun and enjoyable.

Optical performance of “Wtulens” has been fully inherited
Body thickness has been decreased to one-third

Super-wide-angle lens using “FUJIFILM QuickSnap” lenses

“Wtulens L” is a lens for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras using a pair of  “FUJIFILM QuickSnap” lenses. Enjoy photographing with 17mm wide lens! (35mm equivalent focal length) With “Wtulens L” you can enjoy the emotional and lo-fi portrait style of QuickSnap with your mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

Reuse lenses from FUJIFILM QuickSnap
What’s included in the Wtulens L kit

0.5 Times wider angle

FUJIFILM QuickSnap carries a high performance non-spherical meniscus lens. By using two of those lenses together, arranging them symmetrically like a double gauss lens, we achieved in widening 0.5 times wider angle than the original lens. Low light amount and powder flows were the two main characteristics of QuickSnap. On Wtulens L, these two factors have been enhanced and seem like it was taken with a toy camera. It can be used as 17mm wide angle lens (35mm equivalent focal length) with full size sensor or 28mm wide angle lens (35mm equivalent focal length) with cameras supporting APS-C size sensor.

Two lenses are arranged symmetrically like a double gauss lens
0.5times wider angle compared to Utulens
28mm wide angle lens (35mm equivalent focal length) with cameras supporting APS-C size sensor
17mm wide angle lens (35mm equivalent focal length) with full size sensor. The low light amount makes it seem like it was taken with a toy camera

Compatible with five different mirrorless mounts including full frame

We provide mounts for M4/3, E-Mount, FUJIFILM X-Mount, EOS M-Mount and Nikon 1 mount which covers most of the mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

Mounts are made of metal

[Micro Four Thirds]
OLYMPUS: PEN E-P series, PEN Lite E-PL series, PEN mini E-PM series, PEN-F, OM-D series, OLYMPUS AIR
PANASONIC: G series, GH series, GF series, GX series, GM series, AVCCAM series
Blackmagic Design: Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Micro Cinema Camera
YI Technology: Yi M1

SONY NEX series, α5000 series, α6000 series, α7 series, α9 series

FUJIFILM:X-Pro series, X-E series, X-M series, X-A series, X-T series, X-H series, X-S series

[EOS M-Mount]
CANON: EOS Mseries, EOS Kiss M

[Nikon 1-Mount]
NIKON  Nikon 1 series

Sample Images

Below are the works taken with mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras using “Wtulens” and “Wtulens L”

Wtulens L


Works by users

Visit SNS below to see more photos taken with “Wtulens L”


  • Due to its large f-stop, dust on the camera’s image sensor easily causes dark spots to appear. Please check the image sensor carefully before shooting. If you find any dust on the sensor, please clean with a cleaning kit or ask manufacturer for cleaning service.
  • We make every effort to ensure that the Lens mount adapter could be equipped, but in the unlikely event of the product not being able to screwed on properly onto a camera mount (too hard to install on, or if you cannot hear the click sound when screwing the mountings), please do not put extra pressure. There are possibilities to damage the mount, camera body, and lens system. Please reach us to the following contact information. Our support team will promptly handle the situation. Contact address: support@gizmon.co.jp
  • Switch on the “release without lens” on your camera setting.
  • Set the shooting mode to A-Mode(Aperture Priority AE) or M-Mode(Manual Exposure).
  • When installing this item onto Nikon1, please set the shooting mode to M mode(Manual) and change the shutter speed to adjust the exposure value.
  • This is an optical equipment. Do not drop of hit against other object.
  • Avoid water or any kind of liquid.
  • Do not touch the lens directly.
  • It will lose focus when you are too close to an object.


Product NameGIZMON Wtulens L
Focal DistanceSingle Focus f=17mm
ApertureF16 (fixed aperture)
Focus Range0.5m ~ ∞
ComprisesLens unit, Lens mount adapter, pouch, Japanese manual
Compatible Lens MountsCameras supporting Micro Four Thirds, E-Mount, XF-Mount, EOS M-Mount or Nikon 1 Mount
SizeLength56mm × Width5mm (may differ slightly depending on the mount)
WeightAbout 20g
Warranty6 months
Country of ManufactureKumamoto, Japan

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