GIZMON Wtulens

Super-wide-angle lenses of “Utsurundesu”(Global name:QuickSnap) “Wtulens” is a lens for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras using a pair of  “Utsurundesu” lenses. Enjoy photographing with 17mm wide lens! (35mm equivalent focal length) With “Wtulens” you are able to take emotional, lo-fi style photos like Utsurundesu with your mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. It’s thin and easy to carry. Perfect size to snapshot! 0.5 Times wider angle Utsurundesu(Global name:QuickSnap) carries a high performance non-spherical meniscus lens. By using two of those lenses together, arranging them symmetrically like a double gauss lens, we achieved in widening 0.5 times wider angle than the original lens. Low light amount and powder flows were the two main characteristics … Continue reading GIZMON Wtulens