GIZMON Wtulens Q

Wtulens for PENTAX Q series

“Wtulens Q” is a lens for PENTAX Q series using a pair of  “FUJIFILM QuickSnap” lenses. With “Wtulens Q” you can enjoy the emotional and lo-fi portrait style of QuickSnap with your mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. 
Thin and light pancake lens. Perfect for snapshots!

What’s included in Wtulens Q kit


0.5 Times Wider Angle

FUJIFILM QuickSnap carries a high performance non-spherical meniscus lens. By using two of those lenses together, arranging them symmetrically like a double gauss lens, we achieved in widening 0.5 times wider angle than the original lens.
On Q,Q10, it could be used as 93.5mm lens.(35mm equivalent focal length) On Q7 and Q-S1 it would be used as 78.2mm lens.

Two lenses are arranged symmetrically like a double gauss lens


Compatible with All Types of PENTAX Series

It is compatible with PENTAX Q , Q10 , Q7 , Q-S1.

Mount is made of metal.



Below are the works taken with PENTAX Q-S1 and PENTAX Q mounting “Wtulens Q”


By loosening the screw on the front lens unit, you can focus on the near object.

NOTE!! Do not loosen too much. The lens unit will fall out.

By loosening the screw on the front lens unit, you can focus on the near object



  • If the product cannot be screwed on properly when fixing on to a camera mount, do not put extra pressure. There are possibilities to damage mount, camera body and lens system. Please contact us at shop@gizmoshop.jp We will exchange the product.
  • Switch on the “release without lens” on your camera setting.
  • Set the shooting mode to A-Mode(Aperture Priority AE) or M-Mode(Manual Exposure)
  • This is an optical equipment. Do not drop of hit against other object.
  • Avoid water or any kind of liquid.
  • Do not touch the lens directly.
  • It will lose focus when you are too close to an object.



Product Name GIZMON Wtulens Q
Manufacturer GIZMON
Focal Distance Single Focus f=17mm (35mm equivalent focal length : Q,Q10 = 93.5mm / Q7,Q-S1 = 78.2mm)
Diaphragm F16 (fixed diaphragm)
Focus Range 0.5m ~ ∞
Comprises Lens unit, mirrorless mount, pouch, Japanese manual
Compatible Devices PENTAX Q , Q10 , Q7 , Q-S1
Size Length44mm × Width19mm
Weight About 27g
Warranty 6 months

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