GIZMON Wtulens Q

Wtulens for PENTAX Q series “Wtulens Q” is a lens for PENTAX Q series using a pair of  “FUJIFILM QuickSnap” lenses. With “Wtulens Q” you can enjoy the emotional and lo-fi portrait style of QuickSnap with your mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.  Thin and light pancake lens. Perfect for snapshots!   0.5 Times Wider Angle FUJIFILM QuickSnap carries a high performance non-spherical meniscus lens. By using two of those lenses together, arranging them symmetrically like a double gauss lens, we achieved in widening 0.5 times wider angle than the original lens. On Q,Q10, it could be used as 93.5mm lens.(35mm equivalent focal length) On Q7 and Q-S1 it would be used as 78.2mm … Continue reading GIZMON Wtulens Q