Precautions against Counterfeit of GIZMON products

Beware of Counterfeit Products


There has been an increase in counterfeit copies of our Gizmon products circulating markets around the world.
This is particularly concerning because the counterfeit products not only copy our product design, but also use the Gizmon logo unlawfully.
Many of these products are being manufactured in factories in China that specialize in the production of counterfeit goods.
We have been receiving countless complaints from customers about cases damaged out of the box, shutter buttons that do not work, or that the item breaks after a short period of use.
In order to avoid these problems, we strongly advise our customers to use caution and to only use authorized Gizmon retailers listed on our website to purchase our products.


What constitutes a counterfeit product?

“Counterfeit products encompass all products made to closely imitate the appearance of the product of another as to mislead consumers.
This includes the unauthorized production and distribution of products that are protected by intellectual property rights, such as copyright, trademarks, and trade names…
The term ‘counterfeiting’ therefore addresses piracy and related issues, such as copying of packaging, labeling, or any other significant features of the goods.
”** We have identified counterfeit versions of Gizmon products on various websites including online auctions.

** “The Economic Impact of Counterfeiting”, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1998


To illegal traders

The import or possession of counterfeit products with intent of resale, transportation, or delivery may be punishable by law under Article 37 (i) or (ii) of the Trademark Act.
The infringement on our company’s trademark rights is a criminal act, punishable by law under Article 2 (1-i &1-ii) of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.
Products that imitate the design of our product, including the shape and color, may also be punishable under Article 2 (1-iii) of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.
These actions will be considered criminal activity infringing on our company’s rights. Gizmon takes these crimes seriously and will take firm legal action.


To our customers

In the case that Gizmon products have been purchased from unreliable sources (including unauthorized dealers and online auctions in which the product cannot be examined prior to purchase), the customer is under the risk of facing legal consequences.
As we try our best to track down illegal distributors and manufactures, we advise our customers to use considerable caution upon purchase from an unauthorized dealer.


Features of counterfeits

・Because counterfeit products often use a forged Gizmon logo, the product may appear to be genuine at first glance. However, we have confirmed over five manufacturers distributing counterfeit GIZMON iCAs around the world.



・Counterfeit products are poorly manufactured, often missing essential components such as the shutter button or the lens mount screw. Since inexpensive plastic is used for the case instead of polycarbonate, counterfeit products are less durable and break after a short period of use.



・The logo may be printed improperly in a sloppy manner.



Purchasing Gizmon products through unauthorized dealers, including online auctions, significantly increases the chance of being a victim of counterfeit products. We ask our customers to purchase through the authorized retailers listed below.


GIZMON authorized dealers

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