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Notice! This device is not compatible with iOS9 or newer.

It's an LED with a classical flash style

It has a classical flash style but is an LED which can be controlled by iPhone using the Bluetooth®. The powerful LED and the umbrella makes it possible to keep it’s size compact and obtain a very strong light source in the dark. Not only used as an accessory for iCA but also can be used with other cameras and tripods.


It can be attached to GIZMON iCA micro hot shoe

example of attaching iCA FLASH to GIZMON iCA5 example of attaching iCA FLASH to GIZMON NULL iCA
The back surface and the side surface of the iCA FLASH

Features of the iCA FLASH

  • It adopts low power consumption yet strong LED.
  • It can be continuously lighted for two hours at the maximum.
  • It has three types of lightening modes.
  • Color filters with five different colors are attached.
  • Corresponds to Bluetooth®.
  • Charge Lithium-ion battery with USB.
  • Accessories: tripod adapter, usb cable, color filter cap.

※In order to use the bluetooth®, you need to download a specialized app for it. In order to connect using Bluetooth®, your iOS device has to be capable with Bluetooth® SMART(4.0 or newer).

It comes with an adoptor for tripods
It can be assembled to various tripods.
It can be used with compact cameras
Use the stay when using compact cameras.
It comes with five colored filter caps.
By exchanging the filter caps, you can enjoy
taking photos with different colorful lights.
An official iCA CAM application is upcoming
An application which interlocks with iPhone
using Bluetooth® is upcoming.

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