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A New iPhone Case from GIZMON + Nano Suction

SOFT iCA which gained a good reputation is now compatible with iPhone6/6s, changing its form to twin lens reflex camera, available in five colors. NanoSuction is found on the lens part, and keeps its case securely affixed to smooth and flat surfaces. With the strap hole on both sides, you can fix your favorite camera strap on your smartphone.

Nano Suction is a new material which is made of millions of miniature suction cups.

Nano Suction is a new material which is made of millions of miniature suction cups. It is used in the lens part of SOFT iCAFLEX and it can be sticked onto many surfaces like the gecko feet. Unlike the double sided tapes, it can be used over many times without damaging the surface.

Made of millions of miniature suction cups
Adsorption power like gecko feet
Sticks onto a flat surface such as metal, plastic, glass, and wood
Stick your iPhone onto many places

With Nano Suction power, you can stick your iPhone onto many places. It can be sticked onto a flat surface like metal, plastic, glass, and wood. By putting up your iPhone, operations such as movie playing, navigation app, and even taking a selfie can be easily done. It is up to your idea.

Walls with flat surface
Glasses and mirrors
Places where you cannot use the fixing tool
White boards
Refrigerator in your kitchen
On your instrument
Used as a car navigation
Even on your motorcycle’s tank
Enjoy selfie anywhere by sticking it onto a flat surface

By using SOFT iCAFLEX and remote shutter, you can take selfie without selfie sticks. It makes your travel more joyful.

Stick your iPhone onto
a flat surface.
Take selfie by using
remote shutter or timer.
GIZMON remote shutters
are recommended.
Twin lens reflex camera style, available in five colors

GIZMONly designed twins lens reflex camera shaped iPhone case. Making the best use of silicone’s softness, it is available in five different colors. The hardness of the surface layer silicone rubber is 70. With this sophisticated silicone, your iPhone is protected from many shocks.

Strap holes on both sides

With the two strap holes on both sides, you can attach your favorite camera strap and wear around your neck.

Supports the iPhone 6s touch screen operation

To prevent a trouble in operating the touch screen on your new iPhone 6s, the silicone case is cut with 120 degrees inclination.

Adsorption power can be recovered by cleaning

Please use the cleaning pad included in the SOFT iCAFLEX kit to clean the Nano Suction. This cleaning enables the adsorption power to recover and can be used over many times. Besides the cleaning pad, please use the Scotch tape from 3M.

NOTE : Do not use water or strong tapes to clean the nano-suction. It may lower the adsorption power.

Materials Silicone, PE, PET, etc
Compatible Models iPhone 6 / 6s
What’s included SOFT iCAFLEX, lens cap x2, Nano Suction cleaning pad x2
UPC BLACK : 700598667073 , BLUE : 700598667080 , ROSE PINK : 700598667097 , GREEN : 700598667103 , ORANGE : 700598667110

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