GIZMON Bokeh Freedom Filter

No Longer in Production

Snap Beautiful Bokeh Photos by Attaching onto the Lens

By installing this filters onto SLR or MIL camera lens, you could create dramatic bokeh effects. With metal frame and strong plastic parts, it could be used for a long term.

Matte coated surface to reduce lens flare
Eight different disks cut by laser cutting method
Choose from four types of filter diameter which vary from 37mm-62mm

Comes with Eight Sweet Disks

Comes with eight different types of disks including romantic heart and shining stars. All of them are specialized to bokeh photography. No need to edit on your PC. You could snap amazing photos with only this optical lens kit.

Suitable Lenses

Below are some tips to achieve a beautiful bokeh effect.

  • The size of the filter is 37mm-62mm
  • Lens with aperture lower than F/2.8
  • Lens with focal distance of 50mm or more

Divide the focal distance by f-stop. If the answer is close to 26, the lens is suitable. For example, the lenses listed below could be considered suitable.

  • 50mm F/1.8
  • 50mm F/1.4
  • 85mm F/1.8
  • 100mm F/2.8
  • 28-105mm F/3.5-F/4.5
  • 70-300mm F/4.5-F/5.6

How to Install and Use

①Choose one disc and insert it into the filter.
②Screw the filter onto the lens.
③Horizontal shooting.
④Turn the filter.
⑤Vertical shooting.
・Choose the largest aperture setting.
・Keep the front object sharp and create depth of field.


Product Name GIZMON Bokeh Freedom Filter
Manufacturer GIZMON
Compatible Devices Film camera or digital camera with exchangeable lenses.
Lens with filter size of 37mm-62mm.
What’s included Body frame, 8 disks, step-up or step-down ring x1(for lenses except 52mm), Japanese manual
Price Bokeh Freedom Filter 37mm – 2,980JPY
Bokeh Freedom Filter 52mm – 2,480JPY
Bokeh Freedom Filter 55mm – 2,980JPY
Bokeh Freedom Filter 58mm – 2,980JPY
Bokeh Freedom Filter 62mm – 2,980JPY
Size Length55mm × width10mm
Weight About 10g
Warranty 6 months


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