About the trademark

About the trademark

GIZMON iCA trademark

All trademarks and logos in connection with “GIZMON”, including other specific trademarks and logos that are displayed on gizmon.com (https://gizmon.com/) website are trademarks or registered trademarks of GIZMON,LLC. in Japan as well as all other countries.

About Trademarks of other companies

・Apple, Apple logos, and Mac OS are Apple Inc. trademarks that are registered in the United States of America and other countries.

About the Copyright

This website is owned and managed by, GIZMON,LLC. and all copyrights are those belonging to GIZMON,LLC.
In such exceptions where the laws and ordinances approve, regardless of commercial/non-commercial, or organizational/corporate entities; reproduction, processing, distribution, re-publication or re-use of all images, videos, music, audio, text and other written work that is posted on this website on online stores or other auction sites without the prior permission of GIZMON,LLC. is prohibited.

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